Lotusphere Sun day

What a beautiful day here today. After the morning mist burnt off, it has been warm, sunny, and rather delightful.

Of course, I’ve had to spend most of it indoors, at a number of #ls11 sessions:

– BD Day Opening general session
It was, um, okay. In days of yore Lotus used to pre-announce some of the main OGS announcements to this audience. For the main part, this seems to have stopped, understandably in this age of twitchy twitter fingers. There are a few things coming up tomorrow, clearly, but the big announcements (assuming there are some) will be as much a surprise to the Business Partners as to the other attendees.

– JMP302: HTML and CSS: Scott Good and Henry Newberry
Somehow I’ve never seen them present before. This was a from-basics session about, obviously, HTML and CSS. Sometimes it’s good to revisit the basics, and there were some useful titbits of information, as well as some explanations for things I do but don’t know why they work, so definitely worth attending.

– BDD403: Connections APIs
I’ve not done much with Connections, but it seems clear that Connections is going to be the first product to be Vulcanised, and that the best place to start practising the skills one will need to use when ‘Project Vulcan’ becomes a reality (whatever it’s called by then) is Connections. This was a useful session, although I left early because I also wanted to catch part of …

– BDD303: Making money with LotusLive
Okay, it wasn’t called that, but that was what it was really about.
Sean Poulley did a good job of outlining IBM’s view of the market and the positioning of LotusLive. And then Beverly DeWitt outlined more of the nitty-gritty details of what IBM is putting in place to help business partners get on board the LotusLive project and see profits from it. This still feels like a work in progress, but it’s good to see them try to address some of the concerns that partners have had around LL.

Later I tried to go to the later part of Scott & Henry’s JSON jumpstart. That’s a lesson: don’t expect to arrive after an hour of jumpstart has already happened and just pick it up from there. Silly boy.

Now there’s some hanging around in the Dolphin rotunda to be done, before the beach party. At least this year we won’t be able to see our breath in the air while we party outdoors 🙂

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