The day before the day before the first day

Is Sunday now the first day of Lotusphere, or is it Monday because that’s when the OGS is?

Anyway, that aside, yesterday was pretty good.

Started with breakfast in ‘Fresh’, in the Dolphin hotel. Not a bad breakfast at all – if I can possibly drag myself out of bed in time to squeeze in some breakfast each day, I’ll be going there. That doesn’t include today, of course – am running late for the Business Partner OGS now 😦

Then the Penumbra Group meeting, from 8 until midday-ish. It’s always a joy and privilege to sit around the table with the Penumbrites and hear what they’ve been doing, how they’re finding business going, what their take is on the latest and greatest (and gratest) in all things IBM/Lotus/whatever. Interesting, informative, and fun.

Then, after a brief pause in my room, and a chance to phone (=Skype, of course) home, I popped over to the Big River Brewery for the B.A.L.D. get-together. Some old faces missing this year, but some new ones taking their place, and a very enjoyable 2.5 hours or so flew past.

The evening was the annual Penumbra dinner. As always, nice to get off site for a few hours, and good to get the chance to socialise with some of the IBMers before their schedule really kicks in tomorrow. This year’s Prism Award went to André Guirard, and well-deserved it is too.

Finally, back to ESPN for a night-cap or three before turning in to grab some sleep before things *really* get going.

It’s been a hellish year so far, so I’m looking forward to turning my focus onto all things IBM/Lotus for a week. The fact that the days are warm and sunny here helps of course….

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