There’s a first time for everything

Two firsts, in fact.

Next Tuesday, LDC Via are giving our first webinar. Called “Introducing LDC Via”, it will cover

  • What LDC Via is
  • How you can use it to extend or replace a Notes/Domino infrastructure
  • How to move data out of Domino, but still retain Domino ‘magic sauce’ features like readers/authors fields, rich text, and response hierarchies
  • How to build Domino-style collaborative applications without Domino Designer
  • What’s on the roadmap for LDC Via

Tuesday 12th January, 4pm GMT (11am EST).

And the second “first”? Well, my colleague Matt White, veteran of many webinars, will be doing much of the talking, so you’re in safe hands there. But for the first time I will be co-hosting the webinar. Be nice, throw ePeanuts, ask difficult questions, whatever … but mainly be there – it’s going to be fun* 🙂



* For a given definition of “fun”, of course


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