Call yourself a blogger?!

Having fallen fairly comprehensively off the blogging bandwagon, for reasons too complex and numerous to go into here (if you don’t already know you probably don’t need to, kind of thing), I’ve decided that a fresh start is required.

So this blog has moved from self-hosted Domino to WordPress. That’s not a statement about Domino’s capability as a blogging platform, because it’s actually very good and, of course, infinitely flexible. But it IS a statement about my own laziness: WordPress does a load of stuff for me, plus has an iPad app and numerous other integration points which should make it simpler (time being at a premium) for me to keep this up.

So, onwards and upwards. Of course, I’ve selected to do this 48 hours before Lotusphere kicks off, so at least I should have something to write about. Maybe. Thereafter, please fully expect it to descend into a mixture of technology-related, occasional political and philosophical, and perhaps (this would be new) a laugh now and then. Who knows, it might all die on its arse again, but if you don’t keep reading you’ll never know …. 🙂

PS No, the old posts haven’t been brought across. I still have them, of course, so if you really can’t live without some of my previous bon mots then let me know and I’ll tell you the super-secret URL where you can still get to them. And HOW exciting is that eh? (Indeed).